Together, we need to tackle the toughest challenges and build uncommon coalitions to deliver more justice and opportunity for everyone.

My name is Brian Worrell, and I am running to be your next District 4 Boston City Councilor. I was born in Boston and raised by parents who migrated to the United States from the Caribbean and West Indies in search of the American dream. Through my parent’s hard work, determination, and belief in their community, I was able to earn a bachelor’s degree at Northeastern University, majoring in accounting and entrepreneurship, and I am now the proud owner of a Boston-based business.

The work ethic that my parents instilled in me, and the sacrifices that they made for our family have been the foundation and inspiration for my success.

As the owner of a real estate business, I have learned the ins and outs of city government, and how to establish relationships and create processes that get my clients fair and efficient deals on the homes they deserve. I have had to learn the city’s permitting processes, understand appraisal procedures, work with zoning officials, and frequently engage with lenders and banks. Working between the private and public sectors as a Black male and growing up in the same community I now work to serve, I am all too familiar with the challenges our community faces.

These challenges have been especially apparent with the onset of COVID-19. The virus has frustrated our resources, particularly our healthcare services, and shone a spotlight on the long-established disparities in income, education, and affordable housing across our neighborhoods.

I am extremely passionate about bringing change to our community. Over the last 16 years, I have coordinated several events that bring generations together in the hopes of creating a safe environment and to raise cultural awareness in a diverse community. By holding events such as cookouts, concerts, professional networking events, youth basketball tournaments, backpack drives, and offering free haircuts at the local barbershop in Dorchester. Seeing the joy and passion of our community has been some of my proudest moments and have inspired me to run for Boston District 4 City Council. I would love the opportunity to offer my experience, my passion, and my skillset as your next District 4 city councilor.

I am seeking your vote for District 4 City Councilor because I want to address the challenges and leverage my knowledge of and experiences with city government to contribute to building and strengthening our community. If you entrust me with your vote, I will work in partnership with the Mayor and colleagues in City Council and across city government to implement strategies aimed at eliminating these disparities and making District 4 a community where everyone and anyone can thrive.

Please join me in this journey as I seek to be your next District 4 Boston City Councilor. I am ready and eager to work hard for you, to help lift-up the people in the communities and the city that you and I love. I appreciate you considering my campaign and I am grateful for your support.

Looking forward to what we can accomplish together,

Brian Worrell