Together, we need to tackle the toughest challenges and build uncommon coalitions to deliver more justice and opportunity for everyone.

Affordable Housing
We not only need to expand the City’s affordable housing inventory, but we also will need to develop housing for those who are making too much for affordable housing and not enough to buy a home in the fair market. Maintain strong and proactive partnerships with Community Development Corporations and affordable housing developers at City Hall to increase mixed-use & supportive development projects. As your City Councilor Brian will advocate to develop responsibly, provide housing to low income, working, and professional class.

Pathways to home ownership
By creating pathways to homeownership, we address the racial wealth gap in our city and displacement due to lack of affordability. Brian will advocate to expand successful home buying programs, build partnerships with financial institutions that can create mortgage products that will increase buying power, provide down payment assistance and other supports for homeowners. As your City Councilor Brian will advocate to promote and expand programs that promote homeownership. Work with financial institutions to create mortgage programs that create equity in underserved communities.

Abandoned Housing Initiative
To revitalize our community and bring more housing all tools need to be utilized. Brian will advocate having abandoned properties be restored to provide housing or enter a receivership program, where the properties will be used to meet the goals of the neighborhoods. As your City Councilor Brian will use all City resources to increase our housing inventory.

District 4 has a large number of vacant city lots that can be used to provide affordable housing, parks, farms, and a workforce housing model. Through the development of these city vacant lots, we can create jobs and establish developer/contractor mentor programs that will establish socio-economic value to our community. The development process needs to be transparent and involve the community in the decision process. As your City Councilor, Brian will make sure our community’s voices are heard in the development process of our neighborhoods. Developments in our community need to fit our needs and include the community as equity partners.

Zoning Reform
The zoning process must be made more transparent, accountable, and equitable to align private development with community needs for stable housing, safe streets, open space reliable transportation, food access, and a healthy environment. As your City Councilor Brian will create a District-wide plant that allows our District to grow in a way that also benefits and protects current and long-time residents. Overhauling our zoning code will result in fewer variances, ease Zoning Board agendas and enable residents to better anticipate and define what their neighborhood will look like in the years to come.

City Services
With the advancement of technology our city services have the potential of being more accessible. There is no reason we have to trek down to City Hall for City services.  As your City Councilor, Brian will work with department heads to mobilize City Hall bringing the most used city services offered to our neighborhoods.

Community Office Hours
It is important that we address issues promptly, hear from constituents regularly and educate our community on policy/programs available. Through constant engagement issues and maintenance will not spiral out of control. As your City Councilor Brian will host office hours regularly within the District and ask other elected officials to be present. Brian will also walk communities regularly to hear from neighbors and have a visual of present opportunities/issues.

Redefining public safety
We must pursue new and better ways to respond to public safety in conjunction with our communities. This will ensure accountability and address issues that continue to be overlooked. Homelessness and mental health-related 911 calls are on the rise. Brian’s solution to this issue is to redirect these calls to trained public health professionals. Every 911 call does not require a gun and a badge. Expand on programs to get mental health resources to our district.

Youth Development
Youth programs shaped Brian’s life. Exposing our youth/young adults to opportunities is the way to combat violence. We need to invest in our youth by ensuring access to paid summer jobs and opportunities during the school year. We also need to elevate youth voices, providing pathways to college/careers, teach them life skills, and expand their exposure to curriculum, and possibilities. As your City Councilor Brian, will advocate expanding the school day by providing before and after school programs and making summer enrichment mandatory. Working with nonprofits and private institutions to build support systems in our community to influence growth. ‘Creating accountability and making investments in our youth are essential to community building.

Neighborhood Task Force
Creating a neighborhood task force that is made up of trusted community organizations, churches, young adults, and businesses we will be able to bring solutions to issues in the neighborhoods we reside/conduct business in. As your City Councilor, Brian will form a neighborhood task force by bringing stakeholders together to engage our community to bring about an opportunity, create space where conflicts can be resolved and resources can be obtained that will curb the violence in our communities. As a lifelong resident in the District Brian has formed relationships and has the skillset to make this possible.

Early Education
Public investments to implement universal pre-k for all 3 and 4-year-olds and affordable, high-quality care for all infants and toddlers.

HUB Schools
Our schools can serve as a HUB for essential services to be centralized to help students and their families with their socio-economic issues. By centralizing services we can engage student families to have them a part of the school community. These services will help alleviate issues that families face that inhibit students from learning. As your City Councilor, Brian will advocate bringing these services into our Public Schools because it is essential to service the whole child which includes their family.

Early College/Career Programs

Workforce Development
Our community must have access to sustainable jobs and jobs of the future. Creating pipelines between workforce development programs and private institutions will place our community in industries of the future such as Healthcare, IT, Renewable Energy, and Trades. As your City Councilor, Brian will meet with private institutions to identify workforce demand. Work with higher education institutions, certificate programs to provide training programs to individuals that seek to add to their skill set to meet the demand in sustainable industries and industries of the future.

Small Business Support
Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. We must provide support, especially during recovery to new/existing small businesses. By offering support and resources to small businesses we encourage creative thinking and find solutions to problems. As your City Councilor Brian will advocate bringing more resources to small.